Prophecy Happens Area Rugs – White Background


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✨ Adorn your dwelling with the wisdom of old. Our household items, including rugs and furnishings, are imprinted with the spirit of biblical prophecy, creating an atmosphere of reverence in your living spaces.

Prophecy Happens is more than a store; it’s an embodiment of faith. It’s a conduit that channels the divine foresight of the ages into your everyday existence. It’s a testament that resonates with the past, enriches the present, and propels you into the future.

Available in 2 sizes – 24×36 inches and 48×72 inches, in horizontal shapes, this durable area rug will surely make a style statement in any room. Add playful, colorful or stylish graphics to effortlessly match your aesthetics. This area rug features hemmed edges and a coated backing, ready for any flat-lay design.

.: 100% Polyester Chenille
.: Multiple sizes
.: Hemmed edges
.: Grey underside
.: Thickness: 0.2” (5mm)
.: Note: Pre-constructed item. Size variance: 24″ × 36″ +/- 2″; 48″ × 72″ +/- 3.5″;


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